nifemare's guide to dog tagging
There is a lot of discussion about how to appropriately knife someone.  To be honest, it will take time to get knifing down. Once you get knifing down, you will be able to get dog tags at will.  This will greatly increase your enjoyment of Battlefield 2142.

nifemare began as a project to figure out how best to knife people.  You can knife in any mode on any map.  However, I find that Conquest mode is my preferred knifing mode.

Recommended Maps

There are several maps which I recommend for knifing.  The best map for knifing is Fall of Berlin.  Cerebre Landing is excellent.  Belgrade is very good.  You should also have no problem knifing at Camp Gibraltar.  Nevertheless, Fall of Berlin stands head and shoulders above the others because of the patterns of traffic in which people fall into on the map.  They tend to walk along the corridors where you can spot them easily.  We will get into the maps a bit later.

Basics of knifing

The best set up is to choose recon once you have unlocked the cloaking device.  I recommend going with light armor because you need extra speed to knife people.  If you equip your kit with APM mines, you will be able to knife people without worrying about your kill to death ratio.  It will take practice to knife people successfully.

The second thing you should do is you configure your controls so that you can pull your knife out quickly.  If you are using a standard keyboard, you might consider the "R" or the "T" key for example.   I use a Nostromo N52.  This has better spacing than most keyboards.  It is quick keyed for easy access.  You do not have time for mouse scrolling or reaching up for the one key.  The weapons change must be fast.  (I also have my pistol keyed below the knife, and the grenades below the pistol).  There are only two types of players in Battlefield 2142- the quick and the dead.

What I like to do is try to sneak up behind them.  It is much easier if they do not know you are there.  I get as close as possible.  Sometimes I decloak from a distance so they do not hear me.  Other times, I make a run, release the cloak, quick stroke the knife key, release the run, and strike the primary mouse button.  It can happen in an instance.  It is actually easier to get a knife kill than a pistol kill.  

You will need to practice.  The hardest people to knife are people who are crouched or on stairs.  If they are on stairs, just shoot them.  If they are crouched, you need to aim low, crouch or go prone to knife them.

Knife Fights

Occasionally, someone will have the dignity to try to knife you back.  When this happens do not panic!  The worst thing you can do is to draw back.  You will almost always be knifed.  Instead rush past them and draw your knife.  Bunnyhopping will do you no good.  It will tire you out and delay the inevitable knifing.  Now the key to a good knife fight is to keep your cool.  Anyone can prevail in this contest.  Each opponent will present a different knifing style.  Some like to go prone, which makes them hard to knife.  Fortunately, they are more vulnerable in this situation.

I like to aim my knife slightly lower than normal.  I believe you will have an advantage if you lower your sight just a titch when knifing.  This seems to have given me several advantages.  Remember, you may have to make several passes.  The important thing is always to find your opponent and rush towards him.  During a good knife fight, you should rely on steering your direction with the mouse more than the keypads for left and right.  You will lose some of these fights, but with patience and practice you will win more than your fair share.  

Dodging Bullets

It always happens that someone will decide to shoot at you-usually at the worst possible time.  The easiest strategy is to rush at them while moving the mouse from left to right at a very high rate of speed.  Many people will shoot too far to the left or too far to the right to actually hurt you.  They will in fact be surprised that you are not dead.  The truly noobish will quickly empty their clip and while they are trying to reload *slice*.

The more experienced adversary will shoot low to the ground in bursts.  Such a person should be respected by a knifer and you may wish to reconsider the timing of your attack.  You have a cloak for a reason and you can always run away to try at a more opportune time.  You should also be careful not to waste too much time trying to knife people when a good commander is spotting you out or people have the infantry PDS detection systems in play.  


Fall of Berlin.

Just about anywhere on this map is a great place to knife.  There are plenty of bottlenecks and people like to walk along the corridors.  You can usually sit off to the side somewhere cloaked and watch as they approach.  You can then get behind them and surprise them with a knife.  This is a knifer's paradise and a good place to start knifing.


This is an excellent place to knife.  Still, some of the best knifing occurs around the Com Tower and the Playground.  Areas such as Pond and Ruin are not quite as good because you are exposed to more.  I generally avoid the Statute area.  But, honestly, it is still a good overall knifing map.

Camp Gibraltar

Has some excellent knifing opportunities- especially if you are on defense.  It is always easy to pick people off as they advance from Harbor to Toll; at the bottlenecks between Toll and Central Camp; and in the corridors along Ruins and even Eu Base.  I set my personal best on Camp Gibraltar- 31 knife kills in a single round.  Usually though, I only pick up 8 or 9 dog tags.  I still think Fall of Berlin is more consistent.

Cerebre Landing.  

Compressed into nice pathways of traffic, this map presents solid knifing opportunities everywhere except perhaps the Command Center.  I personally prefer picking up traffic as it heads between Roadblock area and the Town Center.

Titan Mode

In general you can get knife kills near silos all the time.  People rush into silos, and crouch down to avoid being seen.  This is when you move in for the kill and pick up a dog tag.  In general avoid open areas.  A good area for knifing is Silo 2 on Sidi Power Plant.  You can sit at the periphery and watch for incoming infantry or wait until the silo begins to turn.  Cloak in and hopefully before they realize the silo is no longer turning, you will be upon them.  Other opportunities will present themselves in the titan corridors and when your reactor core is exposed to enemy attack.  You can usually sneak up behind a band of grenade throwing attackers and pick up a dog tag or two.  Knifing is not recommended on Titan assault, but upon occasion, I have had to stoop to such levels to clear a corridor.  

Other thoughts

The maps in Battlefield 2142 have two hues to represent the desert and ice combat scenarios.  In my opinion, the blue maps are better for cloaking than the orange maps.  I think I knifed the best when my mouse sensitivity was set to 1.5, but am currently using 2.0.  Play around with the mouse sensitivity a little bit.  You definitely want to be comfortable with your knifing.

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