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1541 is your source for information on Battlefield 2142.  READ CRITICAL DICE EMAIL HERE!

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2142 Clan 1541:  Not the only Battlefield 2142 clan, simply the best.  Though that is subject to debate.  Learn everything you need to know about Battlefield 2142 here.  Read the emails from DICE regarding Battlefield 2142 shield overloading in titan mode.  Learn which Battlefield 2142 unlocks to choose.  Discover how to defend or assault a titan in Battlefield 2142.  Discover the basics of playing an engineer, assault, recon, or support kit in Battlefield 2142.  Read our tips for collecting dog tags in Battlefield 2142.  Watch our Battlefield 2142 tutorial videos.  If you get really bored, play the game we created (which has nothing to do with Battlefield 2142).  It's all here, so spend a few hours.  

1541 Community for Battlefield 2142

You can go to our forum and register there or TRY THE NEW BETA RECRUITMENT PAGE it may not work though, so if you never hear from us...

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