Camp Gibraltar- Assault Overview

Playing Battlefield 2142 is a lot of fun.  The most commonly played map and one of the first maps you will encounter is Camp Gibraltar.  When you are just a noob at the game, this is probably a great map to get your feet wet.  Conquest maps tend to be better for beginning players than titan mode.  They are more accessible to the recon/assault kits which have shorter unlock paths than the engineer/support kits which are necessary for competitive Titan mode play.

Camp Gibraltar also provides a great place to squad up and get a lot of points playing together.  The map layout is particularly nice for understanding basic tactics.  This is a general overview of an assault on Camp Gibraltar.  (If you understand a bit about the assault, you will probably understand a bit about the defense aspects of Camp Gibraltar.)  This is not meant to be a definitive guide, but a short overview.


Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when playing Camp Gibraltar.  

TICKETS MATTER.  Paying attention to ticket bleed and ticket loss is critical.  One of the most useful roles you can play for your team is as a medic who can revive teammates.  Sure it is fun to get kills with the support kit shotty, but honestly, you cannot beat the role of medic on Camp Gibraltar.  The only role that even comes close is Recon and that is just because the recon can ghost behind enemy lines, place beacons, and turn hard to control flag points.  So be sure to revive as much as possible.  REVIVE, REVIVE, REVIVE!


All flags are not created equally.  Capping the first flag as quickly as possible is priority number one-to stop the bleeding.  Nevertheless, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each control point can help you and your team.  Keep a few things in mind:  

Harbor and Toll are susceptible to walker/vehicle attacks.  Although both have Rorsch guns, they are more vulnerable than Camp Central, Ruins, and EU base to walker attack.  If you have a walker, taking those points is an asset to your team.  Otherwise walkers can only pin down teams at different points.  The Rorsch guns are located at Toll, Harbor, and just outside of Central Camp.  So if you have a walker near EU base, you don't need to worry about the Rorsch.

Camp Central is swiss cheese.  There are too many access points in and out of the camp.  Bottlenecks between Central and Ruins/Eu Base make those too points hard to cap.  It's great to attack central camp, but not so great to defend it.  If you find yourself at Central Camp, you need to find a way to move on.  

Ruins are easier to defend and harder to attack than Central camp.  Still, Ruins are not susceptible to walker attacks and it, along with EU Base, are some of the stronger map positions.

It is not necessary to capture all the flag points to win.  The only thing you should focus on is ticket bleed.  I have seen teams win by holding only harbor and drawing the defending forces outside the walls and into the scopes.  It requires a commander who understands the map and disciplined squads who are prepared to defend rather than attack when necessary.  

Be flexible.  Patterns and routines are very pronounced on Camp Gibraltar as well as Fall of Berlin.  
Camp Gibraltar is a surprisingly deep map and play styles vary immensely.  Learn from others and do not fall into a routine.  Remember, if something works well against them, it will work against you.  

Starting Out
As you know, you will start out the PAC base.  The PAC base is uncappable.  The PAC base is stocked with a car and with a Battlewalker.  

Most servers have rules against attacking the uncap, but you can still expect to take a lot of heat coming out of the area.  In general, I would suggest that you cloak out of the uncap if possible.  Otherwise, I play as a medic moving close to my team and reviving my teammates as we move forward.  As a medic, I do not tend to lead the assault, but wait just a bit back so that if my teammate gets killed, hopefully I can kill whoever killed them and then revive them.  

As you know, when you are on the assault side it is crucial to capture a flag or at least turn it neutral to stop the ticket bleeding.  Stopping the ticket bleeding early on is the smartest thing to do.  

There are several primary points about this:  first any flag will do.  That being said, if you are good at cloaking I would recommend taking either harbor or ruins over toll and central camp.  If you can cap EU base it is cool.  However, since EU base takes a much longer time to turn, I usually stop at Ruins before proceeding to EU Base.  

Many people will try to take a vehicle and drive past the defense to Toll, Ruins or Central Camp.  You can take multiple routes with the car, opting to either drive straight up the middle or drive up the left side of the camp and onto the roadway.  

Let us assume, however, that you do not wish to get blown up by mines or that you do not have access to the vehicles because someone else has taken them.  In this case, you need to cloak and move toward the flag.  There are three basic routes to cloak.  Right side, left side, and center.  Most of the time the middle is as good as any place to start.  Just cloak and head on up.  
Here I am cloaked running up the middle.


Now as I approach the flag, it is critical to set up a defense using my APM mines.  Notice where I place the mines.  It is kind of hard to tell, but this is between the two containers.  This is a great place to place a mine in case a defender comes running in to attack you at the base.  I place the second mine facing the main entry way (pictured below).


This will usually buy enough time to turn the flag if need be and slow people from entering to turn it back.   Then you can cloak and begin turning the flag.  I usually do not sit in the corner, where most people gravitate.  This is because a grenade will usually kill you.  I always try to relocate to keep from being readily seen or being too predictable.  Never underestimate the importance of being flexible with your location on turning flags.


Moving on to Toll Station

Now again, it is better to take Toll, Ruins or EU base first.  Let us say you are just moving along with the crowd.  The next point you will come to is Toll.  Toll is very easy to defend.  A well entrenched team has a lot of options to defend toll.  There are only so many ways in, and basically it presents a unified front.  There are two paths above Toll with one walkway that you can cross in the center.  On the ground, you have corridor A, which is the furthest to the right, Corridor B, a Roadway, the entry to the flag compound, another roadway, and another A Corridor on the left.  The ladders leading up to the walkways are exposed and defenders can be on the top waiting for you.  Often times assaulting teams will try to overwhelm the forces by moving down the A corridor on the right or by making a run for the main compound by entering through the small opening.  I suggest, for both offensive and defensive purposes, that corridor B is often overlooked and is a prime route for cloaking on offense and a medic kit/shotgun combo on defense.


If you have extra speed and stamina as well as an extended cloak, you can sometimes run down corridor B and make it into Central Camp or head behind the wall to move onto Ruins or EU base.  Otherwise, you can just try to duck and run for cover near the toll flag and begin turning it.  If you decide to approach Toll head on, I like to place a mine in the middle of the entry way (offense or defense) which usually is good for a kill.  Then I proceed to the flag which I can turn by staying cloaked or hiding.  I avoid the area near the crates where enemy grenades often land.


Okay, so let us say we take Toll Station.  The next two stops are Central Camp or Ruins.  To begin with, we have a bottleneck for entry points. You have two ways of accessing Central Camp area from the roof area.  At the same time there is a doorway entrance on the left which is usually heavily guarded or the open approach you can take through the roadway.  Let me just say, you will often encounter mines on the doorway on the left and should proceed with caution.  The open roadway is usually heavily guarded, but if you sprint across the main roadway, you can find cover on the other side.  The good news about Central Camp is that it is really Swiss Cheese Camp.  The number of possible entry ways is astounding.  There are 4 possible lower entrances and two ways to access it from the roof.  There are multiple ladder points.  The spawn points are predictable.  It is not a place you want to stay long or be on defense for very long.  (In my opinion, teams can do better by sometimes letting go of Central and setting up a defense at Ruins.)


Central Camp itself is the worst to defend.  Therefore, enjoy the flexibility you have in assaulting central camp.  I usually attack from the lower rear access point in the middle, but you really cannot go wrong.  Once inside, you must run up the stairs to turn the flag.  You can be shot through the floor grates from below so you can never really get too comfortable.  I like to cloak up the stairs and place mines if I can.  Hiding out by the crates is generally a good idea.  Some people prefer to hide out in the corner near the flag, but I do not like that place because you cannot see who is coming up the stairs.  If you have two apm mines you should place them at the top of the stairways to provide extra protection.

Here I am with my assault kit hiding by a crate covering one staircase while my teammate covers the other staircase.  We have just turned the flag.

centralcamp  turn2

Because Central Camp is so hard to defend, I rarely take joy in capturing it unless it is one of the last flags.


Bottlenecks and limited access points mean that the defense at Ruins can be brutal.  Often times I feel it is better to be in a stalemate at Toll Station than to try the push through to Ruins from Central Camp.  There are several passages that lead through to ruins, but the passages tend to form discrete bottlenecks.  I have circled the obvious bottleneck here.  An astute defense will take advantage of this bottleneck and bleed your tickets dry as you fruitlessly attempt to assault.


A great way to try to get passed this is to get a squad leader beacon placed somewhere beyond the bottleneck.  One of the most frequent choices is to place a squad leader beacon behind the ruins, halfway between ruins and EU Base.  I have placed a yellow circle on a location which would be ideal for placing a beacon in the area behind ruins.  (An astute squad leader on defense might also place a beacon in this area early in the round as an insurance policy against being overrun by a vehicle or recon breaking through the lines).


Sometimes you can make it all the way back to EU BASE by taking the elevated walkway from Central Camp towards EU Base.  As is the case here, you will often meet defenders and have to overcome resistance.  Here one of my teammates is killed but I can identify the defender in the background.


If you are the squad leader and manage to cloak back there or otherwise get behind EU base, there are several excellent places to put a beacon.  Here is one suggestion.


Here, as I am just the squad member, I am going to blow the asset.  Definitely blow enemy assets if you get the chance.  The order of importance of blowing the enemy assets are as follows:  UAV, Sat Track, Orbital, EMP strike.  The good news is that the location of the UAV and Orbital Strike are easily accessible from Ruins.  The Sat Track is harder as it is on the roof in the back.  It usually takes between 2 and 3 RDX packs to blow an asset.    

Getting back to ruins, assuming you have entered the main flag capture area of ruins, I like to hide somewhere and turn the flag.  A lot of people spend their time in the corner by the crates.  For that reason, I cannot recommend it.  One place I sometimes hide is cloaked by the bushes.  Again, flexibility in location is key. You never want to get too predictable.  


As I stated earlier, if you capture Ruins, you will have easy access to destroying EU BASE assets.  I recommend destroying at least the UAV and orbital strike unit immediately.



EU BASE takes a long time to turn.  Unless you have a squad prepared to make the attack, or slip behind enemy lines, it is not recommended you attempt to turn the flag alone.  The least patrolled area of the EU base is generally the far left alley.  Although there is a spawn point there, people tend not to patrol it as much.  The safest place to be while trying to turn the flag is on the second level of the EU BASE.  A lot of people stay below near the crates trying to find cover.  It is dangerous, but it can work.

eu base

I have probably played this map for hundreds of hours.  There is no way to describe all of the great vantage points from which to attack.  There are towers, walkways, a way to walk around the left wall and back to the Harbor from Eu Base, and a host of hiding places.  Different servers have different rules.  Some allow roofing, some RDX jumping, some allow uncap attack.  Each rule will change the play and your play style.   Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the map further.  

Squad up and good luck!