Update on Titan Defense, Sept. 2008

Titan defense has become considerably more complicated as a result of the "shield" overloading method.  Basically you need to review the new video in the titan assault section of this tutorial.  If a server allows for the new titan attack mode, titan defense becomes much more complicated.  Some things have not changed.  It will still benefit you greatly to have an infantry IDS to spot the location of attackers.  Nevertheless, because an engineer with a pilum can take down consoles 1 and 2, setting up the titan defense is considerably more difficult.  At first, it should be noted that ammo boxes cannot be placed near the interior walls of the titan cargo bay because a crafty engineer could use that for themselves.  It is not entirely clear that even placing the ammo boxes along the outer walls will prevent an engineer from resupplying, so the placement of the ammo boxes is riskier now.  At the same time, leaving these boxes around unattended is very foolish.  

It is clear that defenders will now need to venture out of the corridors 1 and 2 in order to do a proper defense.  Since a pilum can strike the shields from many different places (anywhere that they have line of site), defenders need to prevent engineers from gaining line of site defenses.  This means that defenders can expect attacks to be made from the cargo bay balcony, from the top of the cargo bay cargo boxes, and from a plethora of other locations.  Defenders should be aware of these differences.

As the new titan attack methods are integrated, specific strategies for defending the titan will emerge.  Until then, defenders would do well to prioritize the 4 entry points as the focal points of the defense.  There are only 4 ways into the titan.  These pathways are now the simplest locations to isolate and contain a titan attack.  Defensive strategies should be developed to maximize the amount of resistance attackers will face as they enter and penetrate these four areas.   

The old method of titan defense is outlined below.  It remains effective on servers which prohibit "shield overloading" and may still provide some basic tips and tricks which might come in handy.  

Old School:

Basic Titan Defense

Titan defense is one of the easiest things to do in the game.  The key to a good titan defense is the right kit.  I prefer to use a support kit armed with the infantry detector and the sentry gun.  I utilize the shotgun unlock rather than the Ganz.  
Essentially, it is very easy to stand behind one of the columns in corridor's one or two and place a sentry gun in front of the column.  The video below gives a much better representation of where to stand.   


You can rearm yourself with plenty of grenades and with a well placed infantry detector, you can see them coming.  A single support can hold off teams for a long time.  It does not hurt to have a medic as backup just in case.  You should regularly drop more ammo to make sure you do not run out of nades.

Do not worry about defending all of the consoles at once.  Just pick a console (1 or 2) and hold it.  If consoles 1 or 2 are blown, titan defense gets much trickier.  An assault team can blow consoles 3 and 4 without entering the hallway.  All they have to do is throw grenades down the corridor and they will be able to blow consoles 3 and 4.  Therefore, you need to be a little more creative at this stage of the game.  I usually like to attack them from behind their lines at this time.  It is best to come around back and drop a sentry on the upper deck- usually off to the side where they won't see it.  Then try to blast them with your shotgun.  It is unlikely you will be able to hold consoles 3 and 4 indefinitely, so your best bet is to try to stall them as long as possible.  

If they do get into the core, NEVER give them the recon kit with rdx.  I do not know how many times I have blown titan cores using the other teams RDX kit after dispatching with the defense.  I wonder why some people choose that kit to defend with.  It is bad enough when they get your ammo box, but the worst is to leave them an rdx kit.  

Creativity is the key to titan defense after consoles 1 and 2 have been blown.  Experiment with podding behind them and tracking them thru corridors, or sneaking up behind them as they crouch on a staircase.  Unless you are hanging against the back or front walls of the core, you are probably always susceptible to a nade attack in the titan core.  Do not get too comfortable back there.  It is nice that someone is willing to sit in the core and defend it- but I'm usually not the one to do it.  Besides, if you have set up a defense in corridor 1 or 2 early enough, it is very unlikely you will ever need to worry about that.

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