Titan Assault.

Titan assault in BF2142 is a rewarding experience.  The key to a successful titan assault is teamwork.  It helps to have a support placing infantry sonar, a recon with rdx to blow the core and a medic to revive you during the hallway assaults.  We cannot capture teamwork on a video, so we opted to give you tips.  I recommend using the support class for titan assault after 1.4.  Specifically, I utilize the shotgun, rdx gun, and sentry to proceed to decimate a titan. 
After 1.4, the supports ability to knock out enemy rdx and apms greatly increased the value of the support class.  If you find yourself in a brutal fight, it helps to throw an infantry sonar down once in a while.

When the shields first go down, rush over and try to take out consoles 1 and 2.  Corridors 1 and 2 are the key to a successful titan assault.  If you can knock those corridors out, you stand a chance of destroying the enemy titan.  

This video demonstrates the basics of a titan assault.  Just remember, you will need a recon to RDX the enemy core. Other weapons simply take too long.  

Check out our video:
A new titan attack method has been revealed.  We are therefore adding this video to our collection:

Other Tips:

Titan Assault Tactics

As soon as the enemy shields go down, get on board no matter what kit you have.  The best way to board a titan is via APC.  Even if you are rushing the enemy titan, try to steer the APC somewhere where it will be parked without being immediately destroyed by the enemy titan guns if possible as a courtesy to your teammates. 

If you are the squad leader, you should place a beacon on the enemy titan.  There are few legitimate reasons for not placing a beacon on an enemy titan.  Even if you decide later to silo hop, leaving the beacon on the enemy titan reserves your options.    

My preferred titan assault kit is support.  I usually go with a sentry gun and the rdx clark gun.  The rdx clark gun can destroy an enemy titan in 12 shots (3 reloads).  Usually, if I get on board, I rush to console corridor 1 or 2.  If you hear the sound of a sentry prior to entering the hallway, check the other hallway.  Figure out which one is clear first.  The RDX clark can also detonate enemy apms (3 shots) and rdx (4 shots).  It is highly underrated.

If the hallway is empty, I usually place a sentry at the mouth of the hallway and rush down it while reloading.  By the time  I get to the base, I can place another sentry closer to where the soldiers will be coming from.

Always blow consoles 1 and 2 first.  In first strike scenario’s, if I am playing with other people,  I prefer to split up initially and try to blow 1 and 2 first.  While it is tempting to stick together, you should leverage your first strike advantage unless you hear the whir of a sentry.   Attack the console shields in 3 & 4 as a back up in the event that the titan corridors are heavily defended.

If you meet heavy titan defense and you are in a small squad, you may want to keep up the assault even if you cannot break thru.  This will allow you to divert enough of the enemies resources to keep your team in silos.
Another very useful device is the IDS personal infantry detector.  If I meet any resistance on the first attack, I usually place an IDS detector to see if I can get down the hallways.  I almost always equip the sentry which means it will take longer to blow a console than I would prefer.  Nevertheless, lighting up the titan cargo bay and core area is an asset to your team.  
After consoles 1 and 2 are blown, you have no use for the rdx clark attachment and you should always go with IDS personal sonar in the kit.  I almost always blow corridors 3 and 4 with the grenade spam from the hallway.  By setting up a sentry to face away from the corridor you are attacking, you can defend yourself from attackers from the side and behind while you nade spam. 

Once you blow corridors 3 & 4, you need to rush in as fast as possible.  When rushing in, I always have a sentry ready to go and drop it first.  I do this even if it means risking getting killed.  Setting up a sentry to cover the primary entrance to the core is critical.  If there is one medic, two assaults, and a recon, you should be able to easily blow the core.  Most of the time, you are lucky just to have another recon.  I often type to request one once I am in the core.  

In any event, if you can get two sentry’s set up, one facing each entrance, you can defend yourself from frontal and rear attacks.
In general, I rely on other people to blow the core because I play support rather than recon with RDX.

Titan corridor nade spamming nest with sentries.

Corridor’s one and two can be almost impossible to crack if people set up a decent nade spam, sentry combination.  As a defender, I can expect to get combat efficiency pins easily.  As an attacker, you have to figure out how many defenders are in the corridor.  If you are looking at more than 4 defenders, you probably will not get passed them. 

Several variations on a strategy can be tried.  One player can draw the fire of the sentry’s by moving towards the hallway first and sitting in the corner near the mouth by the boxes that lead up towards the core.  This will allow the other players to rush without the sentry, but they still have to deal with the nade spams.  A rush into the hallway can sometimes be accompanied by a grenade toss or setting up a sentry pointing down the hallway.  A sentry facing down the hallway will at least pin down the enemy defenders a bit.  Remember that all you need to do is get a foothold in the corridor and then hold it until others begin to head down the hallway.  A medic is an excellent addition to any corridor assault team. 

 Experiment with smoke grenades and the emp grenades on the sentry.  It is also possible to ghost passed the enemy sentry.  Sometimes, I ghost down the corridor passed the sentry before it can track me, and drop a nice RDX package in the defender’s lap.  Once in a while, I even knife them (single defender), grenade them (multiple defenders), or shoot them.  It is possible with enough noise that they won’t see you and you can actually blow the console before they know you’ve ghosted by. 

Don't forget to attack console shields in corridors 3 & 4.  A team of supply kits and engineers can take the shields down if they work together.  It takes 14 pilum shots on the shields to destroy consoles 1 & 2.  Working together can get the job done.  Watch the video on advanced techniques.  

Overwhelming defense

The good news is that an overwhelming titan defense is the perfect opportunity to take the silos.  When the opposing team over-commits to defense, the team can usually take control of the silos.  This is a perfect time for a silo counterstrike.  It sometimes helps to keep a small one or two person crew attacking to maintain the ruse of a titan assault while the rest of the team turns silos.  This is also a time for creative assault practices.  Experiment with the apm mines and the decoy beacon, ghosting, sentry traps in corridors you do not even need.  Anything to keep the enemy confused and wondering what you are doing.  While they asked themselves these questions, your team can change the silos easily.