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Do you have what it takes to join us?  Are you out of work with nothing better to do?  We do not accept bigots, racist scum, thugs, cheats, hax, or glitchers.  Anyone is welcome to  join.

We need solid gamers.  

Unemployed?  This is the perfect solution.  No need to stress out about reality.  Who knows, maybe you can network your way into a job.  In the meantime, just keep fragging along.  No need to worry or despair, just squad up and have fun.

You may have questions.  Will this cost me anything?  The answer is no.

What is up with the the reference to kommunes?  A kommune is just a political subdivision, like a county, in Scandinavia.  Since Dice is Swedish, we thought we would celebrate the international spirit of the game and tip our hat to the Swedes.  

Not convinced?  Watch our recruitment video.

Okay, so maybe your are still not convinced.  Well then maybe our "ART" will persuade you to give us a chance.  Look at our awesome in game motivators for players like yourself.  Surround yourself with the positivity that is 1541.  You'll be more than a number even though we are nothing but a number.

Here's a look at some of our art:

Or some of our commander art:

Plus we offer spiritual services:

What more could you possibly be looking for?  Perhaps your own spray?  Not for use in 2142, of course, but still nice to have.  Here are two common 1541 sprays.  One is PappaChubby's spray and the other is MaskedMakrel's.  (You can make your own.)


Join today.  Click here to fill out our recruitment form.