Medical assistance is required.  


Using an old off the shelf product, MTVMG by Codemasters, MNToothpick decided to have a go at some "musical" composition.  This video is just the excuse for such an endeavor.  Whatever promising musical career MNtoothpick might have had, this will surely kill it.  

In Conquest Mode, reviving is essential to helping teammates out.  

As this video shows, dying is a fact of 2142.  Sometimes, the death is beyond revive.  Oh and just for the fun of it, we threw in some rag doll footage at the end.

Whenever you can, help out and revive teammates.  
Also, be careful driving.  
If you are not on the recieving end of things, try to be on the giving end instead, preferrably on the delivering end of a tank barrel.

Click on the image below to watch the movie: