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Assault Overview

That assault class is one of the best overall classes in Battlefield 2142.  When you begin playing, the assault kit is the kit of choice to move up quickly in the ranks, support your team, and learn the ropes.  The best part of the assault kit is that the stock gun (Scar-11/Krylov) is very good and you only really need to add the 
defibrillator and advanced medic hub to really become fully functional.

In general, you can use the assault kit at any point in the game in any situation.  The best time to use the assault kit is during conquest mode.  This is because in conquest mode ticket counts are of paramount importance.  In a close game, reviving your teammates is as important as increasing your k/d ratio.  

Of course, you can help revive your team at other critical times, such as running down a titan corridor.  I really enjoy playing assault on Camp Gibraltar.



The best unlocks are the 
defibrillator, Herzog shotgun attachment, and rocket attachments.  There is considerable debate over which gun is better.  I personally think that the stock gun is a great gun and rarely feel any urgency in upgrading it.  When I do finally have the options of choosing between the different guns, I usually choose the Voss over the Bauer because of the 40 round clip.  Running out of ammo is a more common problem for me than not doing enough damage.

The PK-74AR rocket is a very nice weapon once you get used to aiming it.  You can manually set the explosive ranges by keying off of obstacles and buildings on the battlefield and adjusting the range with your mouse scroll.  Unfortunately, owing to unlock priorities, its not an unlock I get to play right away.  The rocket is good for handling long range threats.  Research indicates the rockets will not do damage at a range of less than 20m.  The PK-74AR are primarily anti-infantry weapons.  The rockets can be used to destroy jeeps and hachimotos as well.  You have to be careful if you set up a defense in a titan corridor that you allow yourself enough distance for the rockets to explode.  

I also like the Herzog shotgun.  The unlock is much lower on the unlock tree.  It is a quick and easy unlock to supplement your kit when you are first starting out.  The Herzog shotgun reloads quickly and is great in close range combat situations.  I also use it when I run out of ammo in my primary weapons and do not have time to reload.  

In general the other assault unlocks are not that great.  I almost never carry the smoke grenades or the radar grenade.  I have tried these unlocks out in various settings but do not in general find them very useful.  

The assault class is a very balanced class overall.  One of the nicer things you can do with the assault class is to run with the medkit out when trying to cross open spaces.  It is like having extra armor on because even if they shoot you, you can heal yourself up while you find some cover.

As an assault, I usually try to follow my teammates around, especially on my squad.  You get extra team points and my team gets unlocks faster.  If they get killed, hopefully I can identify where on the battlefield the enemy and eliminate them or revive my teammates.  Depending on the SL Beacon, you have 10-15 seconds to make a decision as to whether or not you can safely revive or need to clear the enemies instead.  Squad leaders are especially vulnerable to attacks because they issue orders.  Therefore, you can be of extra help to your squad leader if you stay close to them.  I am usually very aggressive about reviving in conquest mode as that is where tickets matter and tend to exercise more caution in Titan mode where tickets do not determine the outcome of the game.

In completely desperate situations, remember that the
defibrillator can also be used to kill people.  I find it harder to use than the knife, but it is funny.  

People really like being revived and I find that the more you revive people the more people join your squad.  So it is also a very good kit for building relationships with other players.  I leave medikits in high traffic areas and near groups of my teammates.  You can always heal yourself with the medic kit you carry and as long as you do not drop your medikit again, you can leave one for your teammates and use the second one to heal yourself.  You can also drop a medikit and wait a while and pull out your medikit.  This way you heal twice as fast, which is useful if you have been seriously wounded.  If you get stuck pinned down in a firefight or are in a danger zone, you should drop a medic kit at your feet.  This will give you just a bit of advantage in any combat situation.

Commando mode

On extremely rare occasions, I like to go commando.  Commando involves choosing a good gun like the voss, the herzog shotgun attachment, and the PK-74AR rockets.  The problem is people do not understand why you do not revive them.  It is not a kit which is very team oriented, but it is a kit which allows you to blow off some steam and rack up plenty of kills.  Do not go commando often, but once in a while keep it in mind if you just want to let the inner rambo out.


Best in conquest mode.
Don't lead the way.
Spot out enemies (I use mouse 3 for commo rosie for quick spotting).
Improve your accuracy by crouching when firing.
Stay close to your squad and teammates (if you get too far away from them, you won't be able to heal or revive them).
Revive and heal your teammates.
Use your medic kit wisely.  Remember to leave some with teammates pinned down in offensive or defensive fronts.  Don't  be afraid to heal yourself.  
Stay alive.  You cannot heal and revive people if you get killed.