A prototype for organizing and analyzing Forum Recommendations (Based on 1.50 thread)






*          Fix the glitch where the titan shield is up when it is supposed to be down

*          Master server improvements.  Master server should not go down/stat lag issues.

*          Improve server stability.  People complain about recurrent server crashes.

*          Fix the titan container glitch (when you can enter the containers inside the titan)

*          Fix the tracerbullets from the sentry to NOT shot non-damage bullets thru walls.  Make sure the sentry cannot shoot thru the walls, esp. on titan.

*          Fix kit save.

*          Obvious glitching inside walls on MOST maps, while Fall of Berlin seems to be a favorite and silo 2 on Suez canal.

*          Fix EU titan shield.  Nice to see that the EU was to lazy and only cover 99% of their titan.

*          Lag Reduction. ( Especially when Titan AA guns are hitting the enemies Titan Shields).  Also way too prevalent when the titans move to close together.

*          Remove the tank cannon glitch bug. If you raise the cannon to the highest point you can glitch into the tank if you jump on the tank.

*          Removal of the very annoying HMG sound bug. The Gunfire sound is being played sometimes although the gun wielder is not firing at all and he himself does not hear it. Very annoying because of the noise you can be distracted or disturbed or you can not hear an enemy approaching. This bug is known since version 1.0 of Battlefield 2142.

*          Removal of the reload bug.  The reloading sound like the ammo box reload sound, just keeps going nonstop until the soldier dies.

*          Fix the bug where the transport gun does not work.

*          Spawning on squad leader doesn’t always work, even when icon is green.

*          Sometimes your ingame rank shows as Private and no unlocks are available. Rejoining the same server doesn’t fix it. You need to join a new server to get correct rank shown. Sometimes you can re-earn awards that you have already earned, and get promoted very quickly when you shouldn’t.

*          Sometimes a flag/silo flashes colors and can’t be captured.

*          Sometimes a silo does not launch.

*          Game sometimes crashes or freezes.

*          Cannot spawn on titan.

*          RDX glitch on titan console (blowing it up from cargo bay).




*          Legs and other appendages poke through walls, especially when prone.

*          Kills obtained with motion mines are often miscredited as other kinds of kills.

*          Sometimes you can’t run even with plenty of stamina.

*          When the main radio commo-rose is used while in ground or air defense, the minimap zooms out all the way if it is not already.

*          Commander squad view often completely wrong.

*          Sometimes game announces you were killed when you were not.

*          When playing commander, issuing a command to multiple squads will often exceed the radio limit and further attempts to do anything (like spotting enemies) results in “shut up and ditch this channel” and a 30+ second ban on using the radio.  Can happen when spotting enemies.

*          Sometimes player gets into a squad that he cannot leave; the squad can then have more than 6 members. This seems to only happen after a round ends and a new one begins.


Very low priority:


  • Screenshots don’ t get saved to disk when the console is open, or when taken outside the battle [e.g. scoreboards at end of round and game browser menus]. Instead they are copied to the clipboard and are lost unless the player exits the game and pastes the clipboard into another program and saves from there. This bug seems to happen only to players that have multiple monitors on their computer systems.

*          Very brief “There is a problem with your connection” message when round ends.

*          Game sometimes reloads a map that is already loaded. “Loading new map” message appears, but it is not a new map. When playing the same map over, no loading should occur; it should just run the same map again.

*    Ingame rank insignia are colored green for squad members so you can’t always tell the proper rank of squad mates. Gold and sliver ranks look the same.

*    Temporary lag spike causes player to be kicked from game.

*    In the game browser you can’t use the arrow keys to scroll servers.
*    Game browser server pings are wrong. They usually show much higher than the actual ping.

*          When you are riding in an air transport in spots 4, 5, 6, or 7, and then use a keyboard command (C key for me) to cycle the view, you can’t then use F9-F12 to change to another view.

*          Sometimes the icons above the flags/silos do not appear. This seems to happen often when joining the first game after loading; subsequent rounds do not have this bug.

*          If you are invited to, say, Alpha squad, and you join on your own and then press PAGE UP to accept the invitation, you get a funny message that says “Must leave alpha squad to join alpha squad”

*          When not support and selecting the player layout, and the spawn timer expires, the layout gets all messed up, usually changing the player’s class to support, but not really because if you then spawn it will be with the class you were customizing.

*          Player gets 2 points for repairing and empty titan console but no message appears onscreen stating this. This seems to be the only thing in the game that awards 2 points for a single activity.

*          When playing assault and the medic hub runs out, attempts to drop a hub result in player yelling “I can heal you”; this can be repeated many times over and over with humorous results, until the healing is recharged and a healing hub is finally dropped.






*          Scrap the brevet ranks.

*          Make all ranks earnable, even those above BG.

*          Pin for team squad play.  Someone suggested that say 25 teamwork points gets you a 10 point pin.  Might consider going 10 for 10. 

*          Badge for squad member play.  Say 50 hours for Bronze, 100 hours for silver, and 250 hours for gold to encourage people to squad up.




*          Currently it's ridiculously hard to get the Air Defense Badge. The amount of time

required in air defense should be significantly reduced.        

*          There should be a rank added to the game for players who have at least 250,000 career points (Brigadier General currently requires 57,700).

*          Make Major General like (75,000 points) and Lieutenant General like (100,000 points) and SC like (150,000 points) or something.  Some people have suggested higher point amounts, but this would only encourage stat padding.

*          I am not a big fan of the leader board.  However, if there is to be one, the leader board points should track PLAYER not soldier.  I do not think a PLAYER should be penalized for having multiple soldiers.

*          Allow people to earn awards multiple times by adding stars to the awards.

*          Have more NS awards.

*          Have more unlocks awarded by the NS model of performing feats rather than just earning points.

*          Launch ignition points (points for defending a silo launch?  But we already have defense points…)

*          Battlefield Intelligence Points (points for spotting people out who get killed within the time frame- like it works for commanders but for soldiers).





*          Wipe everyone’s stat to implements a new system. 







*          Add a silencer option for the recons weapons.




*          Reduce the pilum reload time.

*          Consider doing the double pistol feature, but only having pistol damage increase by 1.5 times overall.  Do not want pistols to get OP.

*          Consider a flamethrower for the engineer kit, which would replace the smg.  It would be extremely short range but lethal.  Would be good for close combat situations, but not good for range.




*          increase baur bullets capacity- no more than 25 per clip.  Should be less than default gun 30.

*          SAAW needs fixing still - agree with it tracking the gunship better instead of spiraling round and losing tracking.  I personally don’t’ use the saw, which I find fairly useless.  If this makes the SAWW a better weapon, fine.

*          Some people want to see the SAWW kill air vehicles in 2 shots.  Again, I find the SAAW fairly useless. 


Do not:


*          Increase the speed of the pilum bullet. 

*          Make the pilum steerable.

*          Decrease the amount of damage reduction to Bauer over range.  Last thing I need is aimbotters with unlimited bullet range.


Do not:


*          Change the Voss at all.

*          Change the Clark ShotGun.  It is powerful, but not OP, in my opinion.

*          Increase the length the ganz can fire before it overheats.  This is the weapon of choice for aimbotters, so why would I want to do that?

*          Change the APM’s.



I’m a big fan of the RDX clark and think it is fine the way it is, but the reload time is a bit

long.  Not significant enough to tweak, but it takes a while to blow up a console.  Many

people hate RDX spammers but appear to want to increase the range of the RDX clark

gun as well as change it to detonate on impact.  I consider the RDX to be useful for

blowing up assets, apm mines, rdx kits.  If it becomes more of a weapon, I think it will

upset people more like the rdx spammers.




*          I’m a fan of new vehicles, but would prefer they are limited to the new maps.  This would also encourage people who want the new vehicles to play the new maps and increase map diversity.  The old maps have decent playability and solid balance with their current vehicle assortment..




*          Allow the air transport pods to move again.



*          Fix the rego problem that occurs when a tank shell hits the side of a moving car (it currently does no damage)

*          Fix the walkers shouldn't instantly self-destruct just because they bump into something, especially if they're on 100hp.

*          Maybe make it impossible for pilot to eject if transport is not on ground.

*          FAV - currently can be shot POINT BLANK head on at 60mph by a tank and survive FIX THIS PLEASE !!!!

*          People want boats.

*          Increase heat allowance for Walker AA gun

*          Fix the gunship shields.  People complain that there shields do not protect them.

*          Allow APC to float.


Do not:


*          Add a secondary weapon for the pilot of gunship would be good, perhaps a bomb or just a secondary machine gun (shoots direction you point) so that if you don't have a co-pilot and your reloading your missiles your not having to always dodge / rely on the missiles.  If pilot could switch between machine gun and missiles, gunship would be OP.  Plus there would be kill competition between pilot and passenger.  A weak gun, like the primary gun on the Goliath might be a fair compromise with a single powerful bullet followed by a long reload time might be a fair compromise.  Don’t want to see it getting a gun as powerful as the co-pilot’s weapon though.





*          Maybe the Grenade SG-34 needs a bigger, denser cloud to be more attractive.

*          Grappling lines/Ziplines.

*          A counteractive measure to grenades.  Someone suggested the defuser, but how would that work?  Probably more like a variation of the motion mine bait where the grenade is repelled or a variation of the emp canister where the grenade would not detonate.

*          Tracking meter.  Improve the dystek pulse meter to cycle multiple times for a short period of time, instead of just a single snapshot.  

*          Gas grenade gun, like in BF2.

*          Holographic beacon. It might project the image of something very useful like a supply crate, while bouncing a false signature of your location a few meters away. Place your RDX near the image…you get the idea.

*          An armor upgrade that lets you get the benefits of heavy armor with the speed of light armor.  Or the Phoenix shield option that allows people to activate an energy shield (like a vehicle) for a second or two to repel attacks.

*          New SL unlock: Laser Designator.  To replace the Orbital Strike request, how about launching missiles from the titan? Charge time of 10 minutes. Also can designate for Gunship missiles?  Suggested charge time is too long.  Most Titan matches do not last more than 25 minutes, which would only be 2 “designations” per map.  Maybe 7 minutes would be more appropriate, giving S/L 3-4 charges per map. 

*          EMP grenades block rdx triggers - they are of course EMP so would block signal to detonators.

*          Thicken the smoke grenades up more.   People can still see through smoke.

*          The CM3-N Radar Grenade is used by virtually no one. Either increase the capacity to at least 2 or make the radar also show enemies on your NetBat, so you can shoot them through the smoke.  Maybe increase the range.

*          The IPS Shield is yet another extremely under-used unlock. People almost never use it because you can get hit by rockets, sniped easily, etc. They should consider slightly extending its length or maybe make people able to shoot from behind it. Regardless, they have to fix the glitch that allows your head/other body parts to stick through the shield, making it easier for enemies to hit you.

*          Make the DS-22 Sniper Decoy not self-destruct after a preset amount of time. This makes it so useless when used for baiting, and also if it's right besides you if you forget to redeploy it periodically.

*          Make the DS-22 Sniper Decoy with an increased range.

*          The SAB-1b Shock Absorber Boot is really helpful, but the fall damage decrease is almost negligible. It should be slightly improved.

*          As a lot of people have mentioned, the SD-8 Accipiter is pretty useless. When it locks onto a target, it's great, since it can shoot even up to 100 or so meters. However, it always requires a NetBat signature to lock on and shoot.  (Probably not tweak this too much, as most S/L’s should be using beacons instead).

*          Allow the engineers 'defuser' jams RDX-packs, APMs, and Motion Mines when being within ~10m.  Maybe.  I only know that the defuse is all but worthless.  I presently either use motion mines or clark RDX, but never the defuser.


Do not:


*          Allow the EMP Grenades deactivate RDX-packs and APMs

            That is what the RDX Clark is for.




*          The chat lines need to be fixed

*          Reserve the top 4 or 5 lines of chat to be player typed chat or admin chat so warnings can be seen instead of the chat flying by because of game spam ( not that I'm complaining need that game spam ) and better game play as for player chat since people will be able to better comunicate ( not that its always a good thing with some people!).

*          Then the 3 or 4 lines under that would be all the "enemy spotted!" , " i need ammo" etc game spam chat.  So the top lines would stay until replaced by player/admin chat , the bottom 4 or 5 lines would act just like it does now minus player/admin chat.






*          Night mission!

*          Some seem to want at least one infantry only map.

*          One map where people can get inside the buildings mission.  (Perhaps the I/O?)






*          Would be nice to see jihadder’s die and would eliminate RDX jumping.  Not sure if this is totally necessary, but worth exploring.

*          Increase APC height.  Might not be a bad thing to slightly increase the range of the eject at non-titan areas. 

*          VEHICLE shields – some people claim these are almost useless you might as well flip a coin when activating them as to whether they stop gunship tv missiles or any other projectiles.  While I agree that I sometimes take unexpected damage (I understand there is a tail problem with the gunship), the shields are very handy.  They are hardly useless, but they might need some tweaking.

*          Making most titan guns 360 degrees.

*          Moving the  SUEZ CANAL SILO 4 AA GUN move its position its useless where it is.  Move AA on Suez Canal to on top of the small building. Also have small ladder to get onto building.  You have towers behind you fence to the right of you fence in front and a building to your left - unless your target is directly above you the gun is pointless.  Not sure how much of a difference this makes.

*          Make Zeller headshots make the victim unrevivable.

*          Tracking beacon.  It would be best if a certain class (like support), could have an unlock which would 'paint'/mark/'sign' certain points which a gunship could see and then when facing it simply click a button and let the guidance do the rest of the job.

*          The dogtags of commanders should look different from Squad leaders and squadmembers as well as from "lone wolfes".

*          Remove of the double enemy titan. Luckily, its only appearing during warm-up, so its not really affecting the game play.  The image of a titan ghost also can appear during the titan explosion sequence.  I had this happen when I was looking at the enemy titan’s deck in commander mode when it exploded.

*          More resolutions.

*          Parachuters should not kill a gunship.

*          Allowing squad names to automatically incorporate your clan tag.

*          Health/Ammo cabinet on titan deck.

*          Greying “Move titan” on titans where it is disabled.

*          Make recent Battle recorders files on top of record list.

*          Add orbital strike to titan mode.



Do not:


*          Change the TITAN AA GUNS to increase the down angle so they have a chance of defending the lower deck of the titan.  I do not think they should fire lower, because then people would just camp the upper deck of the titan and force all action into the lower deck.  This would mean that defenders would have control of the upper hallways and make the lower hallways insane bottlenecks to break through.  While this could be fun, corridors one and two are already very difficult to break through.

*          Have motion mines automatically removed if placed on titan.  The mines are not that big of a pita.  You can just go up there and take care of them if you have too.

*          Differentiate player abilities based on class.