For the most part Operation Shingle has been very fun to play.  It does have a few problems with frame rates and some lag issues.  Lower end computers that meet system minimum requirements may have trouble with the game.  PappaChubby has had his screen go black twice only to have the game come back to life.  His system is a low-end AMD chip with a 9800 pro.

The other major problem is that owing to the ticket imbalance it is impossible to tell whether the teams are balanced.  Too be sure any team seems to be able to win. But given the ticket imbalance this makes things impossible to assess.  

Here are some quick issues regarding Operation Shingle.  First, the walker issue.  There is only one place so far that appears to have a location where the walker can capture the flag which is at trenches.  Here, my vile opponent begins to turn the flag.  I have actually managed to get both in and out of this location with a walker.  It is not easy.  I would suggest either slightly widening the access for the walkers along the trenches and at the place of the building or narrowing it to prevent walker access altogether.  That is, walkers should either be able to get in and out, or they should not.  The present system is merely difficult.


The second issue involves camping locations.

As I have been playing, there have been several areas which are susceptible to camping.  First of all, at Columns, a lot of people try to camp the doorway spawn locations.  I have seen people setting up sentry's in this doorway.  In general, I think people should not spawn in front of open doorways, but rather off to the sides of them.  While we cannot eliminate camping entirely, we can reduce it.  I always spawn at the bottom of Columns and then have to run up.  Of course, if I spawned at the top, then I guess it would be very very hard to assault.  


The second area is at the refugee center.  People seem to spawn in this area where they can quickly be killed by opportunistic AR's.  The Refugee camp is wide open to AR attack in general, but this location seemed particularly vulnerable to AR camping.


And not scrolled in:


In addition to that, the following area at command center was particularly vulnerable because people have to be in the area to cap the flag.  So you basically spawn right on top of the capturing team who has no reason and every justification for shooting you instantly.  It's just a bad combination of where you can turn the flag and where people spawn.  The people who spawn here will get shot.

Here's what the unlucky camper who tried to RDX me instead of shoot me looks like.
He tried to kill me

Here is a look down at the same area from the top of the roof over the flag.  So probably not a good point for a spawn:


Other than that, I'll keep playing and seeing if there are more issues.  So far it is very fast paced and danger is everywhere.