Ashley Graham- who is your daddy?  
(Apparently the president).  

Resident Evil 4 Wii edition rocks.

It excels as a single player
game.  Single player games
are more limited than their
multiplayer counterparts.
There is a notable absence of
depth to single player games which
often require players to completely
conform their play to the game.  
Puzzles have only one solution and
they are fairly linear.  

One advantage to single player games,
particularly in the survival horror
category, is the introduction of
the concept of "limited action".
In most sequences in Resident Evil,
the player has only a few choices they
can really make- where to stand,
which enemy to attack first, which gun
to use.  But in the end, you must
simply kill the monster, avoid the trap,
and get the treasure (save the girl).
The Wii mote makes this fun.

Outstanding special effects, parody,
and detail, make Resident Evil 4
a winner.  You will experience
some real rushes playing this