TLE:  Grassroots Campaign of Love.



Collect Signatures
Old school.  Take a clipboard and a pen, a few Dollhouse viewing fliers and talk to people face to face while you get signatures to send letters to TNT's Linsky.


Make sure you have some fliers.  Here are some of our fliers.   Or use the "official" TLE fliers.  "Official" TLE Leaflet.


If you have never done any organizing or activism before, you may want to check out this link.  Although it focuses on door to door techniques, you can also read a short article here.

For this campaign it is probably better to "street" than go door to door.  I prefer finding a good location.  Try a coffee shop, library, or community center, for example.  It may be necessary to asked a manager for permission to canvass.  Asking for permission can avoid misunderstandings.  

In general, this is an easy thing to do.  Make sure you have pens, a clipboard, and plenty of fliers, and letters.  

Always smile.

Introduce yourself to people.

Explain to them what the Dollhouse is and why you are doing this.

Explain to them what the problem(s) is (are).  The Dollhouse is being pulled from the air during sweeps in November.  The Dollhouse is in danger of being canceled.  The solution is for people to sign a petition.

"Hi.  My name is Tore Simonsen.  I am volunteering my time to collect signatures to help save the Dollhouse.  I am doing this on my own time and am not affiliated with any group or organization.  The Dollhouse is the best show on television.  Fox may cancel the series.  They have already pulled the show from the November schedule.  I am asking people to help me save the Dollhouse by signing a letter to Fox.  The more people who sign letters, the better chance there is to save the show.  Here is the letter."  (Hand clipboard to them). "Can I get a signature?"

Be polite.

Do not argue with people.  

Many people have never heard of the Dollhouse.  It is helpful to have materials to explain the Dollhouse to them.  Some people will not have seen the the show.  They will not want to sign a letter for a show they have not seen.  This is a perfect opportunity to introduce them to, so they can watch past episodes. should be on your fliers and you should explain to them they can watch the show free.

Common Responses

R:  I don't have time for this right now.
A:  I only need a minute of your time to sign this petition.  (or)  Please take a flier and check out the show.

R:  I have never seen the show.
A:  You can watch episodes on  It's a great way to watch the show for FREE.  All you need is high speed internet.  (You can check it out at your public library).

R:  I don't watch television.
A:  There is not enough quality programming, that is why it is so important to save a good show like the Dollhouse.

R:  I don't like the show.
A:  I won't take anymore of your time.  (You may want to take a second look at the Dollhouse).

R:  Do I need to give my full address.
A:  That would be preferred, but I am happy to take a signature with only the City/State.  This is not like registering to vote and I respect your privacy.

R:  I have never heard of it.
A:  It stars ELIZA DUSHKU and is a Joss Whedon show.  Joss did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly among other things.  

R:  What is the show about?
A:  Hand flier about summary of show.  It's about people who get their minds wiped and replaced with imprinted memories and identities.  Each week it is a different dangerous adventure focusing on romantic encounters or illegal activity.  At it's core, it is a love story."

R:  Why is it being cancelled?
A:  Low ratings.  The show gets more than 2 million viewers, but network executives don't feel this is enough.  I personally feel it is wrong that a handful of executives have the power to tell more than 2 million people what they can or cannot watch.

R:  Is this the best show on television?
A:  Yes.  It contains mature and intelligent themes and scripts.  If you are not interested in well-written, thought provoking shows, the Dollhouse may not be for you.

R:  Will my signature make a differnce?
A:  It will help.


Tore Loves Eliza Dushku Dollhouse