Game play variations

The following suggestions have been made by others, are recomibinations of traditional gameplay elements, or are simply new ideas.  The Wake Island map, by combining Titan and Conquest Elements, provides an opportunity to experiment widely with play styles.  Some testing would clearly be required.   These ideas are rough ideas from a late night of brainstorming, so please don't be too harsh.

* * *

Assault Lines

It has already been suggested by others that titan not be capturable until all the other points are capped.  If the current spawn point configuration is maintained then the wierd titan control of spawn points (with a spawn point on the dock) that could make the final push brutal.

Titan Rules:

Control of the titan causes PAC ticket bleed.  

PAC might have to play under the following restrictions:

Titan rules plus one: Pac has to control at least one CP before it can destroy consoles.  Would be easy.
Titan rules plus two: Pac has to control at least two CP's before it can can destroy consoles.  Would be fairly easy.
Titan rules plus three: Pac has to control at least three CP's before it can can destroy consoles. Would be moderately challenging.
Titan rules plus four: Pac has to control at least four CP's before it can can destroy consoles.  Would be challenging.

The hybrid Conquest/Titan solution.

If the flags were silos which hit the PAC titan so that their sheilds could be lowered and they could be boarded and blown up, it might add pressure to the pac.  This would also give the EU a huge incentive to actually fight for the outer flags.  In fact, you could imagine that if there were 4-5 silos (not titan and maybe not docks) which either did or did not strike the PAC titan and destroy its shields, the EU might be more motivated to fight for and control the outer spawn points.  Of course, an all out Titan assault in a ticket based mode could prove fatal and counterproductive for the EU.  So if tickets are in play, I don’t think that would seriously happen.  Besides right now the EU has almost no way to attack the PAC titan.  You could get an S/L on top with the gunship drop and then place a beacon, but that’s about it.  (Or you could steal a PAC transport). But holding the silos and slowly blowing up the titan, might prove beneficial.  Even if you could only hold or alternate control of the inner silos that might work.  Likewise the PAC might be able to do some damage to the EU titan (but no more than say destroying the 4 consoles with the first 4 missile shots). So this would give Pac something to worry about and Eu something to work for.

Or you could make silos only fire if EU maintained control of titan.

Modified SILOS

Others have suggested that the EU get two or three silos which do more damage to PAC titan (like 2 or 3 times normal damage).  

In this case you could have limited # of silos (maybe only two and they would do damage to PAC titan.  

Possible silo locations:  (Dock would favor EU) (Village and Office locations would favor PAC) (Checkpoint and Beach locations would slightly favor EU, but not by much).


If EU controls silos plus titan, silos cause damage to the ticket counts rather than to the titan. Maybe have only two silos.  As long as EU controls silo's, each silo causes ticket bleed.  This way, PAC is forced to either take control of silos or take control of titan.  

In this scenario control of the silos plus the titan would cause PAC enormous ticket bleed.  Would focus EU on holding 3 key points.  Again, if the points were outer points that would favor PAC for silo placement, if they were inner, that might favor EU a bit more.


5 Silos.  Each time a silo launches it causes the PAC to lose 3 tickets.  Assuming one minute launch cycle, If PAC never took a single silo, it would cause roughly 60 tickets to be lost in about 4 minutes or 120 tickets in 8 minutes.  


EU Titan is destroyable.  PAC must control a certain number of CP's to destroy consoles (at least one, see suggestions under titan rules).  Titan causes PAC ticket bleed- which stops when titan is destroyed.  CP's launch missiles to take down shields PAC shields and damage PAC titan.  Five Silos (Office, Village, Dock, Beach, DOCK).  Silos do not fire on EU titan but only PAC titan.    


EU titan has full shields until PAC takes control of at least one cp point.
EU titan has partial shields until PAC takes control of at least two cps.
Include titan rules:  PAC cannot destroy consoles until it controls at least 3 cps.
EU titan causes PAC ticket bleed.


What if PAC had only 10 minutes to take the enemy titan?  They would get a one time bonus minute for each control point they took.  This would give them as little as 11 minutes (since you need one cp to destroy consoles) and up to 16 minutes to take Titan.  Not sure if this would work, since it might incentivize EU to bunker down in their own titan and ride 16 minutes out.  Also would definitely concentrate action on Titan.

If they capture the titan within the time frame, EU then faces ticket bleed for as long as PAC holds titan.


PAC must capture at least one CP before it can destroy consoles.
Each console causes ticket bleed until destroyed.


Traditional titan shielding.

EU commander assests are placed at Office (EMP), Village (ORBITAL), DOCK, (UAV), Checkpoint (Sat Track).  If PAC destroys 2 assets, main EU SHIELDS go down.  If PAC destroys 4 assets secondary shields go down.  

Assets can be repaired and shields will be restored.   PAC can win by destroying EU titan.  EU titan causes PAC ticket bleed.