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Author Topic: Lonely Internet Email campaign begins.  (Read 626 times)
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« on: March 05, 2008, 08:22:42 PM »

Eric9787, as he is known on the Battlefield2142 forums, began a lonely email campaign to get DICE to continue improving its Battlefield 2142 game.  Dice is owned by EA games which has made news lately for its $2 billion dollar bid to buy Take2 Interactive.

Eric9787 described himself as an avid BF2 & BF2142 gamer who wants to see patches and updates continue to come out for the series.  In his email of February 3, 2008, Eric9787 asked, “Can I, as a gamer and as an owner of BF2142, expect further expansion of the game as far as patches, support(against cheaters & illegal ranked servers), free maps & most importantly purchasable booster packs?”

According to information available on the Battlefield2142 forums, in an emailed response on February 5, 2008, Dice replied to Eric9787 “Although we cannot disclose any information about upcoming Updates and expansions at this point in time we are still working on making sure you as a player get the best possible experience when playing Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2.”

The response was less than satisfying to some forum trolls.  XXBigBacon wrote, “What did you expect?? The response is exa(c)tly what I would have expected to get.”  XXBIGBACON further wrote, “I wouldn't hold my breath. Notice they added BF2 in there as well and we all know BF2 has been supportless for awhile now.”

Others took an even bleaker view, as Morgile wrote “You can pretty much bet that no expansions are gonna come out for 2142. If they were, we'd have heard about it by now--we've heard about bad company, right?”

Despite this Eric9787 sent a second email to DICE and then a third.  Eventually, Eric9789 received another response from DICE on March 4, 2008, “Thank you for your email and we are pleased that you enjoy playing our Battlefield titles. We also understand the frustrations of the community when it comes to new content and update announcements, unfortunately we can not announce content or updates to the community until we are fully aware that we will be able to deliver one and what that will include.”

Eric9787 decided to send another email again asking for further clarification.  Refusing to give up, Eric9787 explained his actions, “Since it seems their information concerning Updates and Expansions is confidential until they announce on then my focus now is bringing communication skills to both sides of the group and making us players/consumers have a better data line with DICE. This is the only way to make things better.”

But the ball is still entirely in the hands of DICE.  Will they support further expansion?  For the full background on this story, you can read the posts here:
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