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The author, Tore Simonsen, is a non-practicing lawyer with extensive community organizing and field organizing experience (MoveOn Pac 2004).  I enjoy travelling.  I visit my family in Norway during the summer where I fish.

I grew up in a geek/nerdy way.  I began roleplaying when I was 12 years old.  Started with Dungeon's and Dragons and escalated to about every game we could get our hands on- TMNT, Cyberpunk, MERP, Paranoia, DC Heroes, etc...

I also played many video games, which I continue to do until this day.  

I spent plenty of time traveling the world.  I went to France, Norway, Denmark, England, Spain, and all over the United States.


I graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1998.  I began practicing in the area of criminal defense, focusing mostly on constitutional rights. As a law clerk, I worked with Jack Wylde to research and draft an appellate brief successfully reversing and remanding a murder plea.  I represented pro-bono a peace activist who blocked President George Bush's motorcade.


After an unlucky turn of events, I ended up doing some lucrative but unfulfilling corporate work.  After the war in Iraq started, and to remedy a political tragedy, I began to turn my attention increasingly to political action.  In 2004, I worked as a field organizer on the MoveOn PAC campaign in Cleveland, Ohio.  We turned out thousands of votes for John Kerry, but still lost the election.


In 2005, I returned to Cleveland, Ohio to work with a local CDC as a community organizer.  I organized residents with a local reverend to remove graffiti under the city anti-hate ordinance.  More importantly, I worked with residents to develop local community leadership in through leadership development classes.  I also attended the second anti-Nazi demonstration in Toledo as well as the peace demonstration on MLK day in Detroit.  The Cleveland episode was ill-fated.  By the spring, I was working with various groups on a short-term basis.  Eventually, I was arrested for trespassing in Cleveland, Ohio.  Shortly after working on poor people's campaign in the summer, I returned to Minnesota.

In Minnesota, I ended up working with an environmental group to promote clean energy legislation.  I was privileged to work with talented individuals to help pass the MN RES.  The RES requires utilities to produce 25% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025.


Along the way, I have experienced many failures and disappointments, but I have also made many good friends and learned important lessons.


In 2009, I fell in love.  I wrote several scripts to communicate these feelings.  After several months and 49,751 words, I completed four episodes of the Dollhouse.  My laptop failed.  I then proceeded to drive by car to Hollywood, California.  My hope was to deliver the scripts.  I ended up sleeping out of my car for a week.  I showered at homeless shelters (Union Mission) and met other homeless members of the community.  I tried to attend a charity event to deliver the scripts with flowers, but the event was canceled.  After much discussion, my friends and family sadly convinced me to board a plane to Minnesota.  Everything I have is now scattered across the country.  My car is somewhere in Los Angeles.  My laptop is broken.  My books and CD's are in Nevada.  None of that matters.  What bothers me is that I still haven't gotten the scripts to the woman I wrote them for.

Eliza Dushku as Echo