Life is strange, but love is madness.

This is a bit of a mad request.

I have written 3 episodes for the series Dollhouse.  The episodes follow 3 separate themes of love.  (Holderlin)(Atalanta/Paris)(Euthyphro).  The writing is inspired by Eliza Dushku.  She has changed my life forever.

The episodes total roughly 37,950 words.  It has taken me nearly 3 months to write those words.  I am currently writing a fourth episode.

It would mean more than anything in the world to me, to get these episodes to her as an expression of my absolute undying love for her.

Therefore, I am asking you to do the following:

Go to this page:

Sign up for an AOL Account (It's free):

After that type the following message to Eliza Dushku.

"Did you know Tore Simonsen has written 3 Dollhouse Episodes for you.  I have known Tore Simonsen for (x) years.  

[One fact about something good I did].  Did you know he wants to meet you?  Why don't you read his scripts?"